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Our objective is to provide a solution that meets the requirements of forward thinking, professional buyers, operating in retail, wholesale, food service, food manufacturing industry, ship chandlery, public authorities and NGO.

The reason for our existence is to simplify your global FMCG sourcing by looking for quality products that you need, at the best possible price.

For you, our team source, audit, buy and ship product to wherever it is that you need it, ensuring that we offer you the possibility to source, internationally, without having to manage the risk and complexity associated with the process.

Finished goods and/or Ingredients

Our catalogue is mainly composed of finished goods, presented under the Monteagle brand and, if required, each product can be replicated under your own label, too.

Do you require product for industry? We are also able to supply bulk ingredients as well as raw material.


If you don’t have the time to read any further, we hope that this short introduction has given you enough to get started by viewing our catalogue.


However, if you have some time to kill whilst you enjoy a cup of coffee or truly want to know who we really are, we encourage you to take some time to read on.

As you begin to explore our website, take some time to realise that behind each page is a team of men and women motivated and passionate about their jobs and this specific mission. Our culture is one based on continuous research to always satisfy our customers better.
With almost 20 years’ worth of experience as buyers in retail, food manufacturing and HPC, we saw an opportunity to design an efficient sourcing solution, one we would have liked to have had access to whilst we were doing the job as a buyer.

As the internet is a necessary tool in the procurement process, we believe that this simple solution will allow you to buy your FMCG products quickly and easily via a digital catalogue.

The two words that drove us every day and continue to drive this project and the work of Simpplier.com are EASY and COMPETITIVE.

Simpplier.com enables you to have quick and easy access to:

  • Detailed information for each one of our products, including: origin; factory and product certifications; as well as a list of key ingredients.
  • Immediate access to the price, allowing you to establish whether our offer corresponds to your expectations, or not.
  • An attractive level of competitivity thanks to the volumes we are buying and moving each year.

At the heart of this project is our partner Monteagle Group, an international trading company specialising in sourcing, quality control, supply chain and finance, fielding over 25 years of experience. Monteagle guarantees security whilst, at the same time, offering a seamless execution of services.

Our team spread across four continents: Europe; Africa; South America and Asia is made up of different personalities, cultures and backgrounds.

It is, therefore, our differences that determine our richness, which enable us to better understand your needs, who you are and where you need us to be in the world.

We are at your disposal and service,


Simply Yours,

The Simpplier team.

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