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Skim Milk Powder 0.8% Fat 34% Protein Bulk Paper Bag 25Kg

3,28  per kg


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Port Klang - Malaysia
20FT - DRY
1 x 25kg
690 cases
This product is available for purchase in full container/truck load: 1) only with this product (mono-product) OR 2) associated with other products produced in the same factory (mix-container coming from the same supplier
Quality informations

RECIPE SHORT DESCRIPTION Skim Milk Powder is a soluble power made by spray drying fresh pasteurized skim milk. Fat Max 0.8%. Protein Min 34%.
PACKAGING TYPE Multi-layer Paper Bag with polyethylene lining
SHELF LIFE 24 Months
Logistic informations


Create your own brand

We offer you the possibility to create your own brand:
– by using your own design
– or by using our design (picture included) and integrate your brand logo on it.
Your private label development is subjected to:

MINIMUM PACKAGING PRINT RUN 5 000 Multi-layer Paper Bag with polyethylene lining
MINIMUM PRODUCTION RUN 690 Multi-layer Paper Bag with polyethylene lining


The skim milk powder bulk produced by our supplier offer an excellent Quality / Price / Service ratio.

Above all, our objective is to provide skim milk powder bulk that meets your professional buyer requirements.

We already supply skim milk powder bulk to the retail, food service and/or food manufacturing industry.

The reason for our existence is to simplify your skim milk powder bulk sourcing, offering the products that you need, at the best possible price.

In other words,, for you the customer our team source, audit, buy and ship skim milk powder bulk without having you to manage the risk and complexity associated with the process.

Moreover, in the Simpplier website you will find detailed information including:

  • Firstly the price.
  • Secondly the origin and logistic details.
  • Thirdly supplier and manufacturer certifications.
  • Fourthly product certifications.
  • Finally a list of key ingredients.

Generally, We offer an attractive price thanks to the volumes of skim milk powder bulk we are buying each year. Simpplier operate in the FMCG skim milk powder bulk private label supply for over 20 years.

We assist many retailers, wholesalers, distributors to grow their skim milk powder bulk private label.

In addition to skim milk powder bulk we offer many other good products. See our products catalogue.

Furthermore, Simpplier will make your skim milk powder bulk private label program successful by offering:

  • always the best sourcing out of the eight offices strategically located across four continents.
  • An in-depth knowledge of the quality control.
  • Creative packaging work assisting with the building of a private brand.
  • Competitive pricing given our strong collective buying power.
  • A lean supply chain operation offering freight rates that will match the best.
  • Finally, a well-structured financial framework allowing us to compete with the best in our industry.

In conclusion, Simpplier is an excellent wholesale supplier of skim milk powder bulk for private label worldwide.

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